AlaskaGuideListBlog is LIVE….kind of.

One more facet of the grand scheme is now live and ready to go!  

With the AlaskaGuidelistBlog we are hoping to be able to provide another level of communication and an additional avenue to those of you who prefer this realm of blogging.  Please take a moment to subscribe via e-mail or RSS, this will keep you in the ‘loop’ on all of the latest AlaskaGuideList updates as well as product news.

Since this source of information is viewable by anyone, any correspondence that would be considered “inside” information will be relegated to the monthly newsletters and secure website.  Ah, the website you might ask, that is the final task of 2012 and hopefully, as I always say, it will be completed shortly.

In short, I have compiled a list of the things I hope you can gather from the site, so that it becomes a tool for your business and you are able to procure information that you will find; useful, entertaining, pro-active and fun.


  • Content provider for your social media outlets.
  • News and Industry information that is relevant to you.
  • Get Involved, keeping you up to date on issues that can and will affect your business.
  • Reviews on product, candid snap shots of why or why you don’t need that new piece of equipment
  • Introduce you to businesses that you may not know and guest authors who have something interesting to say.
  • Finally, updates to AlaskaGuideList in real time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit,


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