April Fly of the Month “Money Bug” Hieronymus Signature Series


With tax day around the corner, this is the perfect time to discuss money.

What is ‘Money’ in Alaska?  CASH IN HAND or FLIES.

Not everyone will take your check, credit card, gift card, bitcoin, IOU, paypal or western union, but they will take flies or cash.

Now apply the Alaska Law of Money to Fish.

Fish will not take your check, credit card, gift card, bitcoin, IOU, paypal or western union or the roll of nickels in your waders just in case the shuttle doesn’t show-up.  But they will take flies.

Just like you, fish kind-of-sort-of-care how they are getting paid.

Most flies are like the coins in your couch, they don’t amount to much.

The Money Bug is a crisp fifty dollar bill, guaranteed to be accepted by just about every fish in Alaska.  Unlike cash money, available in a plethora of color combinations to suit any palette.

(Especially the ones showing up that are super-double probation-top secret-you start at the bridge-avoid the kelts-what happened to the web specials-14 mile-Did you rent a cabin-is the road plowed-the wood is wet-I can see the road through the van floorboards-life is always better looking through the glass door-what a long strange trip it’s been-drift fishing with a fly rod-next year we’ll rent a boat-I caught an atlantic salmon from a fish farm in Washington-how many did the seal get today-we could go surfing-who needs fly line-it is flooding again-missed my flight-chrome magnum productions-high tide or low tide-the nets are up-no they’re not-yarn sucks-let’s walk to the lake today-that bear spent the winter at the dump-why was Jerry missing a finger, etc.)

Available at any Alaska Fly Shop where Umpqua is sold.


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