Why Your Lodge or Guide Business needs a Great Logo!

yellow plate GUIDE copy

Having a great logo is a very important part of a successful marketing strategy for your guide or lodge business.

Getting the right logo created can be downright agonizing, from finding someone with the skill set to create it, to having all of the correct formats.  Not to mention, capturing an image that reflects your business.

No particular order here, but they all add up to number 10.

1.  Arrival.

Welcome to the dance!  Sends a message that you are in the game and have arrived professionally.  No longer do you need to solely rely on word of mouth for your business, now you have an image that is worth a thousand words.

2.  Impression

A ‘Great Logo’ will more than likely be your first interaction with potential clients and industry professionals.  Animals can smell fear.  People can smell shoddy operations.  The first impression is everything.

3.  Trust

A unique, original image will build trust with clients.  A re-hashed, copied or manipulated image that someone else already does, is not exactly sending a message that you put a lot of effort into being unique and original.

4.  Credibility

Your company logo has a variety of applications, but most importantly it tells potential clients that you are legit.

5.  Loyalty

The loyalty factor of the Fishing, Hunting & Outdoor Industries is immeasurable.  The clients that patronize your business year in and year out are your greatest asset to gaining new business.  A fantastic image of your business gives those returning clients an image to be proud of and associated with.

6.  Merchandising

Make money with a great logo.  Clients can keep the memory of their trip with you until the hat wears out.  Decals, soft goods and other promotional items can be sold for a profit or used as advertising.  If you turn a couple of bucks or break even, the image of your business is out there for others to see.

7.  Wow

Great logos garner immediate interest.  Ever see an image on the internet that incites you to learn more?  See somebody wearing an interesting hat?  Pass a car and slow down to see what the sticker is?  Enough said.

8.  Marketing

If you are sending out newsletters, rack cards, making donations, updating your website, etc. etc., having that iconic image of your business makes things much easier.  When was the last time you went through an airport and you saw a big sign with a yellow ‘M’ and wondered what they served?

9.  Unique

Stand out from the competition.  There are a lot of fishing and hunting guides.  Do you offer the same service as everybody else, or is your program different?  Like the unique adventure you offer clients, so shall the image associated with that adventure.

10.  New business

Arrival + Impression + Trust + Credibility + Loyalty + Merchandising + Wow + Marketing + Unique =  NEW BUSINESS

Ready for a new logo?  We can help.  In-house graphic design for the AlaskaGuideList Community by….get this, someone who actually fishes. (imagine that)

Fill out the form below for details and to get pointed in the right direction.

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