Artist Spotlight: The Blending of Art and Fly Fishing by Tim Pearson


"September Pig"
“September Pig”

Another new feature for 2014 on the site is our ‘Artist Spotlight’ series.  Although we have done them in the past, we will try to get the spotlight on at least one new artist a week.

First up for 2014 is River Blend Studio, artist Tim Pearson‘s work with not only fish, but birds and nature are stunning.  Like most angling artists, Tim can also be found passing the time guiding in Alaska and for steelhead in Northern Wisconsin’s Bois Brule River.

Take a few minutes today and admire Tim’s work and if something catches your eye, please visit his online shop!

From the artist-

My art was born from the waters and surrounding wilderness of Lake Superior. My obsession with painting birds and fish led me not to art school, but to the biological science field, and the sport fishing industry. I have worked both as a bird bander, and as a fly fishing guide in order to be closer to the subjects I love.


I am in constant pursuit of art, whether I have a paint brush in my hand,or a fly rod. I am moved by intense washes of black and white, and beautiful fly casts. By seeking out the chaos of moving water, exploring multiple techniques, and not sticking to style, I hope my art can continue to move forward and evolve.

–Tim Pearson

Purchase Art Here

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