PigFarmInk.com: What is all the squealing about?


Sitting at your vice, tying flies and drinking beer alone, you may have heard the distant sounds of a Pig Farm echoing as you whip-finished your final fly of the evening.  Needless to say, the next morning you decide to investigate this squealing sound haunting you from the night before.

The result of your curiosity? A new farming, fly tying, fly fishing community where everyone is welcome.

PigFarmInk.com is a solid group of friends who have given us the creation of “Iron Fly”, a fly tying get together with a twist.

“Based around the same concept of iron chef. Tiers will brawl it out with mystery ingredients while trying to maintain their drinking tolerance.” 

The next Iron Fly event takes place in Atlanta, appropriately named “Iron Fly: Dirty South” January 29th.


You should pre-register by e-mailing:


Bring: Vise & Tying tools (Including Threads and Cements), Materials to use prior to the competition, Stiff Upper Lip, Your drinking shoes and A Safe Way Home.


Iron Fly is not the only thing the Pig Farm is doing for our community.  Ever seen a bad tattoo? Know someone who has a bad tattoo? Pig Farm has taken upon themselves to not only pay for your bad tattoo removal, so you can go on with life sans the mistake you made years ago, but give your tattoo a second chance at life.  On themselves.

Fly Fishing + Fly Tying + Friends + Bad Tattoos = FUN

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*A special note to our reader the BitchinKitchenMagician: North to the Future

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