Fly Flasher App goes Live!


If you are into tying flies or just love looking at all of the different patterns out there.  This app is for you.

Think of this as Instagram for Flies.  Albeit still in BETA, a lot of great features are yet to come! (Including Android)

We spent the better part of the day as we traveled back from the lower 48 tinkering with Fly Flasher.  Here are some quick thoughts and points on why we Love it.

  • Uploading, browsing and interactions can be done on your mobile device (Phone & iPad) and via
  • Content: It’s all flies, no cats.
  • Flies can be viewed by hash tags, Following (Users you follow), Latest uploads, Most Popular images and Debuts (A user’s first image posting)  This is a cool feature to view images according to the criteria you select.
  • If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a Social Media start-up, this is it.


We did have a couple of issues learning the ropes and thankfully IT help is only a tweet away with Fly Flasher.

Interactions with Fly Flasher were great and responses timely.  After exchanging tweets we moved the conversation to e-mail.

The Idea?

To get inspired by flies from all over the world.

Who is behind Fly Flasher?

Flyflasher was developed by Martin Fabricius, a 23 year old digital designer from Denmark(Scandinavia). Martin started tying flies when he was about 10 years old and loves to tie nymphs, dry flies, pike/musky and salmon flies.

Early Adopters:

Right out of the gates when we signed up with Fly Flasher, we noticed some very familiar faces already interacting with the app.  Some of the most active Instagram users who post heavily in the ‘Fly Tying’ category were actively posting new photos on Fly Flasher.

Umpqua Feather Merchants also seemed to take an immediate interest in the app.

We reached out to Umpqua’s National Sales Manager, Riley Cotter, to get Umpqua’s thoughts on this interface and how they view it.

“Umpqua thought Fly Flasher was a pretty cool idea to not only show off your flies, but see flies from around the world. This is exactly the kind of avenue that we look forward to sharing the flies of Umpqua’s Signature Fly Designers, but also seeing what people are creating.  We love flies and love fly tying and see this as a great opportunity to be a part a growing community in the Fly Fishing & Fly Tying world.”


In closing, will Fly Flasher take over Instagram?  Probably not, but it does offer a new focused platform for just flies.

Can it survive?  As long as Fly Tyers continue to join and post content, it definitely has a niche.

If you are into flies and fly tying, give it a look, get inspired.

PS- The app is free (we would have paid a few bucks for it)

Click Here to see Fly Flasher in the App Store

Visit Fly Flasher’s website

Follow Fly Flasher on Social Media:

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