#CAST5 Challenge for The American Museum of Fly Fishing


Joan Wulff is featured on AMFF’s first online exhibit “A Graceful Rise”

Take the #CAST5 Challenge and Help The American Fly Fishing Museum (AFFM) complete the most innovative and engaging exhibit developed on Saltwater Fly Fishing!

We can’t all ease over to Vermont for a wade down fly fishing memory lane, or look like a million bucks throwing a fly line, but we do have the chance to experience state-of-the-art fly fishing exhibitions first hand in the digital world.

The first online exhibit from AMFF is now online, A Graceful Rise: Women in Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  This is an awesome collection of 52 women and their careers and contributions to the sport.

If you love Fly Fishing and know the importance of preserving its history, take the #CAST5 Challenge and cast 5 bucks to the American Fly Fishing Museum.

Developing this online exhibition would make the research available to everyone, for generations to come.

Take The #CAST5 Challenge

1.  Cast 5 bucks to the American Museum of Fly Fishing via their Indiegogo Campaign.

*You get an awesome decal from AMFF.

2.  Challenge 5 friends who love Fly Fishing and have 5 bucks to #CAST5 to AMFF.

Let’s help the American Museum of Fly Fishing hit their goal of raising $10,000

We will get this started with 5 of our favorite folks to follow on Social Media:


The Fiberglass Manifesto

H & H Outfitters

Fly Lords

Pig Farm Ink


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