Friends of AlaskaGuideList

We don’t work for these guys, but we are excited about what they are doing and we are happy to call them friends.    Take a minute to peruse what these talented folks have going!




Strip’n Flywear T-Shirts and Hoodies for the fly fishing lifestyle.

Fly fishing and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Each of our designs aim to express who we are not just as fly fisherman, but as individuals.  Our T shirts, hoodies and accessories are handcrafted one design at a time.  We like to think we are the microbrewery of fly fishing T shirt design.



The FishHead app by Nervouswaters Apps Tracks Weather, Stream Flows, Tides and Lunar information all from the palm of your hand.  FishHead organizes, the information by location so that you see all of the pertinent fishing data to make on the water decisions.  It’s also equally effective at your home or at work.  Track the flows of your favorite stream.  Plan your trip around the best tides and look at the latest weather forecasts.  FishHead was designed for both fresh and saltwater anglers.  FishHead covers the globe for saltwater anglers and the United States and it’s territories for freshwater anglers.

Alaska Waters Consulting offers US Coast Guard Licensing (consulting and applications), Renewal and Upgrades of Licenses, Tutoring for License exams up to and including Celestial Navigation, Employment opportunities in the Alaska Guiding and Maritime Industry and customized orientation and training for people or companies in the Alaskan Maritime Industry.



Derek DeYoung, contemporary fish artist and fly fishing artist and enthusiast, and his wife Janell are located in Livingston, Montana, USA.  Montana has some of the best fly fishing and trout fishing spots in North America. Derek shares his exhilirating fishing adventures and experiences in Montana and Alaska and soon will be in the Keys in Florida to fish and paint.

The mission of Alaska Fly Out is to advance conservation and sustainable tourism in Alaska by actively promoting and unifying reputable Alaska lodges, air services, and other operations providing world-class adventure and service. is an on-the-ground resource for free, honest, and un-biased information for Alaska fishing and adventure travel.

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